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Analyzing how people talk about your brand and message is known as “Audience Analytics”  which is part of Performance Analytics and will help you understand the public perception of your brand, where they spend their time online, and what really motivates them to buy.

Audience analytics is the process of getting a deep understanding of your user’s behavior in order to create useful, engaging, and profitable products.

Performance analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior and actions of audience members over time. It enables marketers to better understand the behaviors of their consumers and measure their level of engagement with brand messaging.


Importance of Performance Analytics.

Performance Analytics is important because every interaction you have with your audience should be treated as a conversation. Collected useful data about users will be used as information to improve the user experience.

Given the limited amount of time people spend on social media, it is important to understand what audiences you have so that you can improve your marketing efforts through new channels. This can be done by using other types of analytics such as audience data, email engagement, and campaign A/B testing.

As content marketing becomes more sophisticated and more competitive, there’s a greater demand for Performance Analytics. This is when you take the data from your website, as well as your social media accounts: YouTube, Facebook pages, etc., and compare it to the data from other similar brands in your industry. So it’s important that you get access to accurate Performance data so that you can make the most of advertising tactics such as paid social media posts and display ads.

When done correctly, Performance Analytics can help brands build engagement and understanding with their audience. By tracking user behavior, user journey, and purchase data across devices, you can use this to personalize your communication across social media platforms and deliver personalized content to drive engagement.

Performance Analytics