VFX is visual effects, that is, the making of a film or video. VFX are in essence digital, computer-executed animations that add a dimension to your work. They can include creating complex scenery, characters, objects and bringing them to life with lighting and camera movements.

VFX/ANIMATION is a nickname for CGI. It is the creation of visual effects and computer animation, where the ultimate goal of this process is to make an impression on people.

Visual effects allow for the creation of visually appealing scenes that can be used in a movie or video game. Animations are just as important as visual effects because they help keep the film engaging by adding life to characters, objects, and settings.


Importance of VFX/ANIMATION.

VFX/ANIMATION is important for marketing to create a story that tells the customer in a very visual way, what it can do. It helps in combining the words of text and different images to tell that story.

It can be used to convey emotional, dramatic or graphic information effectively to the viewer.

VFX and Animation are becoming an increasingly important part of the modern narrative, being used in things such as game trailers, TV shows, documentaries and many more. The need for high quality VFX is growing across all industries.

VFX/ANIMATION is an important aspect of the film industry, it can make or break a movie. VFX/ANIMATION can be used in many ways, it can be used to make an actor look like they’re jumping off a building, or fighting with swords. VFX/ANIMATION is unique to each movie and adds a special effect to how your favorite actors/characters perform their abilities.

VFX is a cinematic way of creating special effects that can make the viewer feel emotions, get them involved in the story or make the scene more visually appealing. It requires knowledge as well as artistic skills. It is a combination of the key tools used to create your visuals. It is crucial to have a strong understanding of the various elements that comprise VFX/ANIMATION, including lighting, rendering and compositing.